Adopt a Pet

Logan County Humane Society is a 501C3, non-profit, and limited admission animal shelter. Our mission is to find loving forever homes for the animals that pass through our facility. We use a highly successful adoption process that includes a home check and spay and neuter requirements to accomplish this.

Each year, millions of cats, dogs, and other animals will enter shelters and rescue groups nationwide through no fault of their own. Owners cite “moving” as the number one reason for not being able to keep a pet. This means that shelters are filled with healthy and loving dogs and cats waiting for a family.

Adoption is a win-win for You and Your family!

Our Adoption Process

Ask anyone who has ever adopted a pet, and they’ll tell you that theirs is the most amazing pet in the world, and we agree! We take great care with matching fabulous owners with terrific pets. To ensure success, we have a simple process for each adoption that takes about a week to complete. While we understand that the desire is to take a pet home that day, trust us, it is worth the wait for that perfect addition to your family!

  • 01
    Come in and Meet Available Pets

    We encourage you to meet the pets you are interested in and get a chance to bond. Often, pet parents will have a preference for breed, size, or sex of a dog or cat but find that those elements are not always important when they find “the one” that was meant for their family.

  • 02
    Fill Out an Application

    Next, fill out an application that is available in person or online. Once you have filled out an application it will take us a few days to process the information and you will be contacted if your application has been approved.

  • 03
    In-Person or Virtual Home Visit

    If you live in Sterling City limits, we conduct an in-person home visit. If you live outside the city limits pictures of the home and living area will be required. We will want to see where the animal will be sleeping and staying, the kennel, the outside area and fence, which is a requirement, and where the animal will be eating.

  • 04
    Opportunity to Amend

    We want both you and your pet to be happy and safe! If there are any problems, you’ll be allowed the opportunity to amend or fix those issues.

  • 05
    Vet Visit

    LCHS will Schedule an appointment with our vet, which is fully covered in the adoption fee. During the vet appointment, the animal will receive a Microchip, get spayed or neutered and get up-to-date on all shots, including Parvo, Distemper, and Bordetella.

  • 06
    Gotcha Day!

    Once approved, we will set up a day for you to pick up your new family member. While you cannot pick up an animal the same day as your initial visit, LCHS Gotcha Days are some of the most heartwarming and exciting days you can experience and well worth the wait. Be sure to have that video rolling for the special day!


Have questions about our services or our adoption process? Give us a call today!